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“Our vision has become a clear goal in several key factors, such as the potential of innovators, strategic location and current construction of a new AAA center in Bratislava, to be part of a key ecosystem of financial, priority for fintech (focused on financial innovation) centers of Europe and thus start a “Building innovation culture” with a “fee” business model. We have created the basic form of a functional platform. However, we still have a lot of work to do. We are currently trying to name concrete steps to make this goal a reality.

We are gradually consolidating Slovakia as a country with innovation potential with a partially functional ecosystem. As a first and basic step, we propose the operation of a control sandbox, respectively “Slovlink”, ie. to start creating the Fintech environment, which practically does not exist here in its true meaning. Slovakia should be inspired by Lithuania, whose sandbox, among other things, has the greatest effect on EMI licensing and is making significant financial investments for the state, the development of innovation and the entire connected ecosystem.

Let’s define the position and value role of Slovakia in Central Europe. This is our main strategic advantage, not using it is a sin for future generations.

Davy Čajko

Finas President

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