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A solid EU-based legislative framework and access to a large pool of high-quality IT experts make Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) an ideal location for exploring new and disruptive financial business models.

The location of your FinTech, InsurTech, or blockchain-focused firm is essential to its success. The purpose of FINAS is to develop the financial technology ecosystems by guaranteeing effective and efficient international and regional collaboration in matters related to obtaining an E-Money license in Europe and finding local technology partners for your project.

“As the economy shifts from manufacturing to digital, new technologies are reshaping work
environments, spending habits, and the way we interact with financial service providers.

The emergence of neobanks is substantially driven by the increasing demand for digital banking
services among younger customers, as well as the growing confidence of consumers of all ages
in digital-only services.”

We work with +100 companies from around the world to help them scale. FINAS membership gives tech startups access to community events and dedicated legal services in the areas of FinTech & blockchain. We’ve also curated a list of trusted technology partners to help you create the most cutting-edge products and services.

We are especially keen to support startups and organizations that aim to democratize access to financial services for people with fewer resources or underprivileged population groups.


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