Basic goals

Basic goalsOur mission

We have the ideal conditions to generate revenue only from the fact that transactions such as Google, etc., will be carried out through the competitive infrastructure we have created, and thus gain resources to make the entire ecosystem sustainable, value-creating and evolving.

However, we are currently too benevolent about this, or rather do not think at all in this context. Neighboring states are gradually moving away from us, because they have understood it – however, we have a strategic place and currently all market players positively inclined, which can be once a decade! Indications from surrounding countries also directly from actors, e.g. from Vienna, where banks and their HQs are established and conservative, is the perception of our vision as a welcome step and they are inclined to support it.

Our not only ambition, but the role based on top innovators in Slovakia is to be better than Estonia or Lithuania, right next to a key city in the region – Vienna.

Taking into account the surrounding countries of the former Eastern bloc, e.g. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland – they are starting to prepare the infrastructure and it may happen that we will miss this opportunity. It will be almost unrealistically difficult to get back on the train, now is the perfect opportunity.

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