History of the founder of the association

“Our vision has become a clear goal in several key factors, such as the potential of innovators, strategic location and current construction of a new AAA center in Bratislava, to be part of a key ecosystem of financial, priority for fintech (focused on financial innovation) centers of Europe and thus start a “Building innovation culture” with a “fee” business model.

Our previous activities – 2015/20 (our deposit) 2015/20

  • We have been covering the topic of Fintech and Insurtech for the 5th year in a row in Slovakia through conferences, side events and working groups
  • We have implemented successful hackathons, the results of which are deployed in the real world among users HERE)
  • FINAS – Professional publishing activity – elaboration of professional material, market and community reaction to the creation of the “Sandbox”
    • the material was used by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the National Bank of Slovakia, ie it was validated by key actors – our first professional material, which we created primarily with Kenneth Kumor and Juraj Forgacs
  • We have built a name, respect and relationship with key market players
  • We have established the first contact of international cooperation
  • We analyzed the first competitive advantages for Slovakia in the region

Fintechsummit conference – always sold out (4 years)

As a result of its success, we transformed the conference into a new Finweek format, with almost 400 registrations in 2020.
We have established an investment platform
We have established an educational platform, one of the goals is to improve financial literacy – Edumy Academy.

History of our 20 conferences

  • 2016



  • 2017


    Techsummit 2

  • 2018


    Fintechsummit 2
    Techsummit 3

  • 2019


    Fintechsummit 3
    Fintechsummit 3 Side Event
    Urbansummit 2
    Urbansummit 2 Side Event
    Techsummit 4

  • 2020


    Beyond Horizon of Events
    Sustainable Mobility of Slovakia
    Municipalities in crisis
    Covid-19 Threat or Opportunity
    Cleantechsummit '20

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