Fast, secure a reliable identity verification

For all industries

VeriFace is a comprehensive identity verification service that streamlines the customer onboarding process, ensures full compliance and reduces numbers of frauds.

Aplication for Fintech

Verify the identity of customers remotely
in accordance with the legislation within a few seconds

What is VeriFace?

VeriFace is a top service at the European level, which nowadays has a huge potential for use. It offers a comprehensive AML solution for remote customer identity verification using facial biometrics, associated with document verification, control of ultimate beneficial owners, politically exposed persons, sanctioned persons, as well as ongoing regular monitoring of these data and persons in accordance with the AML Act.

How does VeriFace work?

It is an online service for remote customer identity verification. It helps companies quickly, securely and reliably verify the identity of their customers. It streamlines and also automates the so-called onboarding, i.e. accepting new customers. At the same time, it also ensures full compliance with regulations (AML, GDPR) and prevents fraud thanks to cutting-edge biometric technology.

Who uses VeriFace the most?

You can use the VeriFace service wherever you need to verify your identity. VeriFace is primarily used by financial institutions such as stockbrokers, financial agents and advisors, investment funds, leasing companies, gambling operators, but interest is also growing in other segments, be it mobile operators, healthcare entities, rental companies, carsharing companies, hotels, universities, but also retailers with their e-shops.

What does VeriFace offer?

Safety and compliance

Time and cost savings

Flexibility and adaptability