Comprehensive Approach
to Software Modernization
and Development

We dedicate ourselves to projects for both emerging startups and established brands in fintech, e-commerce, and internal systems. Our mission is to prove to both new and established companies that an external supplier can be a full-fledged partner in development, driving their projects forward with our own enthusiasm and ambition.

Our Services

Software Modernization

  • reduce operational costs
  • unifying design
  • speed increase
  • accelerated deployment

Software Development

  • analysis
  • software architecture
  • development of FE and BE
  • mobile and web apps

Building development teams

  • easy development
  • dedicated development teams
  • overtaking development
  • teamcrafting


  • process simplification
  • chatbots
  • NLP and computer vision
  • optimization and cost reduction

We can start our collaboration
in three different ways

45%Clients choose

Development Takeover

Our cohesive team, composed of developers, QA specialists, a tech lead, and a project manager, will fully take care of the transferred project. Your only task is to let your imagination run wild and bring new ideas that will propel your company to the peak of success.

35%Clients choose

Dedicated Teams

Do you want to be involved in the project and have some control, but lack enough qualified people to develop a part of the application? Together, we will assemble the necessary dedicated team and, in cooperation with your employees, we can get to work. Our only condition is that we develop the codebase we are responsible for to ensure code quality.

20%Clients choose


Technical leadership, MVP development, and building an internal team. Our comprehensive solution meets the requirements of all clients who want to assemble an internal team, whether for the development of a current product or the development of a new one.