PETERKA & PARTNERS – An integrated CEE law firm with worldwide activities


PETERKA & PARTNERS is a modern independent law firm providing complex legal services in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Since its establishment in 2000, the firm has built a strong position on strategic markets with the ability to provide its clients with comprehensive legal and tax advice and has become a dynamic alternative both to international and local law firms. PETERKA & PARTNERS currently covers the CEE region through its own offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Croatia, with a team of more than 150 lawyers and tax advisors. 


The unique, client-focused service model we offer our clients consists of:

  • A single delivery point for legal services throughout the entire CEE region
  • The opportunity to truly “outsource” legal services within the CEE region
  • One partner dedicated to coordinating all of the client’s activities in the entire region
  • Knowledge of the client’s business structures, corporate cultures, sample documents, etc., and the ability to use this knowledge in various countries in the CEE region for the client’s benefit
  • All services can be governed by a single agreement on the provision of legal services
  • A unified fee structure and invoicing system and adapted legal fees as a result of important regional synergies
  • Stability of legal services within the region.


PETERKA & PARTNERS has a deep understanding of the global legal market, which enables the firm to manage legal cases effectively within Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in other countries worldwide. The smooth coordination of multiple jurisdictions is ensured by its centralized Department of External Relations. Moreover, to be able to assist clients active in the broader international arena, PETERKA & PARTNERS has built strong working and personal relations with several law firms in 90 countries, providing clients with access to the best local lawyers in each jurisdiction.