Mountain Wolf

Your All-in-one Ecosystem
for Digital Payments and Exchange

We are building the future of Digital Payments by going beyond the scope of traditional banks and payment solutions.

We empower our customers to manage and instantly use their digital assets worldwide and at any time.

About Mountain Wolf

  • Licensed crypto and payment provider for Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Up-to-date platform with the unique feature: Easy Trading
  • Digital Payments: International payments in crypto and/or FIAT
  • Internal transfers (Crypto or FIAT) take place via Send-Wolf in real time!


  • Mountain Wolf ensures seamless real-time transfers in both Euro and cryptocurrencies through our cutting-edge feature – Send-Wolf.
  • Our customers can effortlessly perform cryptocurrency transfers, simplifying sending and receiving digital assets.
  • We provide robust APIs for corporate clients to integrate fully verified payment processes, enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Our E-commerce payment tool streamlines online transactions, offering a hassle-free experience for both businesses and customers.


  • At Mountain Wolf, we offer diverse deposit options, including FIAT deposits with personalized IBAN accounts and real-time Euro deposits.
  • Our customers can also deposit cryptocurrencies and seamlessly convert them to FIAT using our Easy Trading feature.
  • Coming soon: Credit card deposits directly to Mountain Wolf and personalized SWIFT IBANs and global bank details to meet our customers’ needs.


  • With Mountain Wolf, our customers can conveniently withdraw funds using our Withdrawal feature, transferring their balance to a prepaid card for easy access.
  • We offer the option of SEPA transfers directly to their own bank account, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all our clients.
  • We provide specialized data carriers for corporate clients, enabling efficient data management and processing.
  • Coming soon: SWIFT withdrawals, expanding your withdrawal options and global accessibility.


The prepaid card is compatible with verified Mountain Wolf account.

Once the card is linked to your account, you enjoy e-commerce, card payments, and withdrawals worldwide.


Mountain Wolf Token

The native cryptocurrency of the Mountain Wolf Ecosystem

We provide a secure ecosystem
for our customers' identity,
data and digital assets

  • AI and human, two-layer identity verification.
  • Two-factor Authentication protects data.
  • Gold standard custody, insurance, and security for the wallets.
  • Identity verification, fraud prevention, and compliance.
  • Transaction and wallet monitoring for crypto assets.

10 reasons for Mountain Wolf

    1.  Exchange and payment processor
    2.  “Easy Trading” feature
    3.  International digital payments
    4.  Send-Wolf
    5.  Card payments
    6.  Deposits and withdrawals in euro
    7.  SWIFT deposits and withdrawals
    8.  Personalized IBAN
    9.  Mountain Wolf Token [MWT]
    10.  Affiliate system, up to 15 levels – earning opportunity