Fondee is an online service where money generates more money.

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About Fondee

The Czech startup Fondee is changing the way people think about investing.

It is an online platform for easy investment in equity and bond funds. It helps especially those who have money in
bank accounts and are looking for a simple and effective way to value it. For them, Fondee mediates investments in funds combining shares and bonds. Registration takes place online, the client chooses the type of portfolio, and and Fondee takes care of the rest.

The project was founded in 2017 by Eva and Jan Hlavsa, who gained experience in the financial sphere in London
and understood that investment is not so complicated and can be available to everyone.

And that everyone can handle investment online and without advisors.

Tailor-made investment

Tailor-made investment

Each portfolio consists of up to 14 different ETFs.

Choose the portfolio that matches your profile.

Fondee is a startup that shows that investment can be simple, affordable, transparent,
and carefree. Its ambition is to teach people to save regularly and save money in stocks
and bonds through exchange-traded ETFs. It brings a Western-style investment and
frees everyone from ossified local banks and expensive intermediaries.

Fondee is also an alternative to mutual funds. It has a transparent and straightforward
selection of portfolios (no hundreds of funds in which people do not know) and offers
services for low and transparent fees, no entry, exit, or performance fee.

The invested funds are divided among several ETFs, each containing hundreds of shares
or bonds. Investments are thus distributed, e.g., among the shares of the largest US
companies or government bonds. Fondee prepared several types of portfolios, from a
less risky, which has historically appreciated around 3% per annum, to a riskier
portfolio composed mainly of equities, whose appreciation was about 8% per annum.

Registration takes place online. The client chooses the type of portfolio and then no
longer has to worry about anything.

Fondee has the lowest fees on the market

Thanks to a simple Fondee questionnaire, a potential investor defines his
investment profile, according to which he/she then allocates their investments.
You can invest in one of the 7 portfolios (Conservative Investor, Cautious Investor,
Level-headed Investor, Balanced Investor, Daring Investor, Fearless Investor, and
Audacious Investor). Each portfolio contains a different share of stocks and bonds,
so the potential returns and risks are also different.

While the least risky portfolio should earn approximately 3.5% per year, you will
increase the value of your funds deposited in your Fund account by up to 12%.

These are historical returns.

For investing through Fondee, you pay an annual fee of 0.9% + ETF management
fee, which is on average 0.15% per year. On the other hand, no entry, exit, or
performance fees are paid, making this transparent and straightforward type of
investment extremely attractive, especially for young people.

Simplicity is one of the main advantages of using Fondee. All you have to do is
choose a portfolio based on our questionnaire and deposit money, with a minimum
value of 40 euros. Fondee will invest your money in ETF funds through a broker,
and if you wish, your portfolio will rebalance each month, or you can withdraw
your deposited money at any time.

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