Investments into applied research are one of the company‘s strategic objectives. We are aware that innovations are based on research and development and if we want to increase their number and level, we must strengthen research and development as a decisive source of innovation. Cooperation with the academic community contributes to maximizing synergies and both social and economic added value.

ANASOFT devotes itself to help its partners and customers to have the possibility to make of use of newest technologies and trends, both Business as well as Technological Trends. The continuous development in these areas belongs to the company’s long term strategy.

Investments & Research

Big data for Smart Industry

Prognostic analyses in logistics

Prognostic supply analytics to prevent failures and downtime in the supply chain.

Predictive analytics in manufacturing

Analyzing historical data to predict the occurrence of errors, manufacturing downtime and delays. Notifying employees of possible emergency situations and automatically changing the order of the manufacturing sequence.

Predictive maintenance

Use of statistics and data mining models to identify optimal strategies for the maintenance of manufacturing equipment.

Advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Touchless gesture control

Image processing and object recognition for the touchless control of production technologies through gestures. 3D scanning of movements for standardized training of operators.

Control through Dynamic visual elements

Standardization and optimization of workflow, implementation of Poka Yoke principles and enhancement of employees‘ ergonomic comfort through dynamic control modules such as Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Point and Andon.

Augmented reality

Dynamic visualization of relevant data and information in the production environment.

Long Distance Communication – Paperless Office

Offline Electronic signature

Digital document offline processing and electronic signing guarantees secure legal interaction with clients anywhere.

Browser based signing

Online solution for signing digital documents through internet browser without any additional installation.

Personalized signature process

A unique extension providing a configurable appearance and functionality for the electronic signature application.

Electronic signature with a biometric record

Electronic signature with recorded pen inclination, or pressure, determines the authenticity in the same manner as with a signature on paper.

Online Property Management

Remote monitoring of wireless meters

Inspection of power consumption through long-distance meter readings. Collection, assessment and data transmission and notification to homeowners.

Space management for mobile applications

Immediate access to data and modification of data through smart phones or tablets.

Electronic mail

Complete agenda from the building manager for the homeowner in electronic form sent by email or hybrid mail.

Mobile application for homeowners

Access to all information about the apartment, house or building manager through the mobile application.

Anasoft Products & Services

ANASOFT delivers high quality, individual solutions customised to meet specific customer needs as well as consulting and integration services. We create custom solutions based on thorough analysis of the needs of our customers and on mutual communication. These solutions are able to deliver much higher added value for customers compared to other commonly available „customisable“ solutions.

ANASOFT‘s solutions are based on modern technology optimised to best fit the individual customer‘s environment. Such solutions save costs, in particular in the form of paperless offices, optimally adjusts processing of individual customer agendas and optimise fleet costs. The main product lines for international markets are described separately in individual parts.


An integral part of ANASOFT‘s portfolio is nearly twenty years of portal solutions. Today we are able to leverage our vast experience from developing secure bank portals, portals for the general public with high visitor rates, intranet portals with wide ranging functionality as well as open portals integrating the functions of a number of systems.

In addition to standard and specific portal requirements (single sign-on, personalisation, portlet integration, etc.), ANASOFT resolves connections to related areas, including identity management, content management, security and many others, within the complex nature of its solutions.


DOMUS, a financial system with special agendas designed specifically for administrators of residential and commercial premises. Partnership is the foundation of the solution and individual changes in the system are rolled out in order to provide real benefits and to cover current changes to legislation. We have also introduced a call centre for daily contact needs. More than 800,000 individual residential and commercial premises are managed using this solution.


Smart Industry Solution EMANS is a next-gen intelligent operations management system for manufacturing and logistics. EMANS ensures manufacturing efficiency, supply chain optimization, improved quality and agility of manufacturing and logistics processes and operations along reducing operating costs. Smart Industry system EMANS is employed in digitalization, automation and autonomization of manufacturing and logistics processes leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of things (IoT) and services (IoS), digital twin, artificial intelligence, big data among others.

The modularity of the EMANS solution permits customized implementation to meet current needs or specific challenges of enterprises. The independence afforded EMANS by types and manufacturers of operating technology and equipment facilitates extensive integrational possibilities regardless of the enterprises’ size or focus.


SIGNATUS is a solution supported by signature verification technology and is designed especially for signing of electronic documents by digitized handwritten signatures with biometric elements (speed and slant of writing, pen pressure on the pad, pen ups and downs, etc.). SIGNATUS increases productivity of business processes that require handwritten signature and document audit trail. The solution has full capability offline and adheres to the highest security standards.


DECEUS is a deception based threat intelligence system which distributes monitored decoys and traps. When an attacker attempts to exploit a deception trap, network administrators are notified in real-time. Deception traps never put real IT infrastructure at risk. Cyber attack efforts are instead diverted from mission-critical systems. When integrated with other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, honeypot traps can also help identify hackers, while simultaneously improving overall network protection.

DECEUS is scalable to the needs of large enterprises and SMEs. Deception-based threat intelligence can also help considerably reduce costs caused by data breach and cyber attack investigation.