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The future of BPO and outsourcing services is in the innovation

Accace Slovakia
BPO & outsorcing services

We started in Bratislava in 2006 as a local accounting company with 34 employees. Nowadays, we are engaging over 600 experts and providing services to over 2,000 customers within Accace. Since then, we have established a leading position of one of the most important providers of BPO and outsourcing services, borne out by regular ranking of Accace in TOP 10 advisory companies published by TREND and The Slovak Spectator magazines. You can find us in Bratislava, Košice and soon in Trenčín.

Accace operates internationally as Accace Circle, a co-created business community of like-minded BPO providers and advisors, covering almost 40 jurisdictions with over 2,000 professionals.

We are constantly driven by a desire to bring innovative solutions that simplify everyday work for us and our clients. Since we believe in intelligent technologies, our vision is to develop in-house solutions. Alongside accounting, tax, payroll and HR outsourcing, transaction and legal advisory services, a new portfolio of services has been added in the recent years, including start-up advisory, back office services and in-house start-up projects.

Book!t powered by Accace

Book!t powered by Accace brings simple management of shared office and parking spaces. It works as a web version of desktop and mobile app into which a user can login anytime, from anywhere and any intelligent device.


Optiomat is a tool for company founders used to grow their colleagues’ engagement in the company’s success by being personally vested in the company and its value. It automates the whole process of establishing the employee share option plan, inviting colleagues, verifying their identity up to the signing digital documents, so-called ESOP contracts, all within 20 minutes.


EWA or early wage access is a benefit program particularly for our clients’ employees. We are the first on the Slovak market with such service. The employees can access a portion of their already earned wage before payday. On the side of employer, there is no additional administrative burden. The benefit also decreases employees turnover and improves employer image.