Hi, we are 365.bank – a bank for today´s people

Both a digital bank and a bank with branches. As a digital bank, we introduce banking based on the
“mobile first” principle. As a bank with branches, we bring a new, informal model of client service,
based on a friendly relationship. We create products and services that are easy and enjoyable for
clients to use, all so that our clients can think less about money.

Both in smartphones and branches

We have combined the best of both worlds – digital and physical. Why? So that we can be there for
you where it suits you best.

Living in the present, thinking about the future

365.bank has ecology in its DNA. We offer products that make banking greener 365 days a year. No paperwork, no unnecessary plastics and no carbon footprint. We were the first bank to introduce a digital account with a digital card that fully replaces the physical one.

Creating a smart bank

A bank that we also want to use every day – modern, open and with its own opinion. It´s easy to become a client via your mobile phone, with a free-of-charge account, savings, Syslenie, digital mortgage, consumer credit and even investing available.

SMARTIE – children´s banking app

We consider developing financial literacy to be one of our priorities, even at a young age. And how to learn things better than by doing them? The playful Smartie app works like a standard mobile banking app that children can use to pay, save and learn about money.


Keeping up with the times

To stay one step ahead of the trends and bring fast, reliable and modern solutions to our clients, we created 365.innohub – a fintech innovation centre. Innohub supports the development of technology, innovation, as well as customer experience and partner digital solutions. It also aims to improve our digital infrastructure as well as to make the Group´s services available to third parties.

And we are hiring right now! Check available positions here.

  • Today´s technology allows us to make it easier for you to manage your day-to-day finances.
  • We are on a first-name basis – if you like it.
  • With 365 branches, together we handle everything that needs to be handled. Yes, we are looking forward to meeting you in person.
  • With our approach, customer care and activities, we encourage and inspire people to get more out of their money.
  • We only want to spend as much time with you as is necessary to make the required arrangements. We believe that you want to spend your time enjoying your hobbies or being with your family and friends rather than “sitting” in a bank. That´s why we will really only take as much of your time as is necessary to handle everything that needs to be done.
    However, if you´d like to chat with us longer, we would love to meet you.
  • Banking services that used to be available only to a select few are now available to everyone thanks to the combination of modern technology and personal contact in branches.
  • Openness, clarity and transparency are the natural way we provide information.
  • Thanks to our subsidiaries 365.invest and 365.life, you can invest in mutual funds, including investments in crypto-assets, ecological or blockchain companies, or save money for your retirement through Pillar II.
  • Client satisfaction is our bank´s mission and is our greatest accomplishment. However, our efforts have been noticed by several authorities and experts from the fields of finance, marketing and banking, and thanks to them we received many awards.

Our values



As human beings we are equals and although we are different – we respect each other and foster mutual trust. We are all in the same boat.



We don´t pretend anything, we don´t hide anything, we talk to each other openly. We speak out about mistakes so that we can learn from them. We can do all this by communicating with each other and sharing information.



We only do things that make sense to us. We ask why we do them and we can say NO if necessary. We take a pragmatic approach to innovation with a strong focus on client needs.



We encourage everyone´s enthusiasm and try to spread it among all. We are looking for “ways how to make it work”, not “reasons why it can´t be done”. Development is important to us, as inspiration comes even when we are not working.