We at FLOWPAY are here for small and medium-sized businesses, service providers and financial institutions.

Flowpay uses predictive AI models to assess risk more precisely and to truly understand the potential of SMEs. We act as a Direct Lender to SMEs, provide an Embedded Finance Infrastructure for SME Platforms & Risk as a Service (RaaS) to Lending Institutions.

Direct Lending
Helping SMEs grow by providing quick & online financing.

Embedded Finance
White Label Solution integrated within POS,
E-commerce and other platforms. Helping increasing customer retention and creating new streams of income for said platforms.

Risk as a Service (RaaS)
Providing Lenders with predictive AI models based on alternative data and segmentation of banking transactions to better undestand & underwrite SMEs.

Smart and simple financing
for the growth of your business

Up to € 40,000 online and without unnecessary paperwork. A business loan that you can use for anything.

Embedded Finance

Through seamless API integration on the partner’s side, our partners can leverage our capabilities more effectively and deliver comprehensive solutions to their clients within their familiar settings.

White label solution

●  Our product fully integrated in platform
●  Landing page in partner’s SME dashboard
●  Personalized banners
●  Marketing campaigns (pop-ups & newsletters)

Risk as a Service (RaaS)

With our innovative solution “Risk as a Service,” we offer partners a complete risk assessment based on acquired data, providing a complex risk report and complex financial view of the client.

●  Advanced Analysis Utilizing Machine Learning and AI Models
●  Timely Risk Identification through Regular Monitoring
●  Real-time Outputs without Prolonged Waiting
●  Personalized Risk Strategies
●  Enhanced Security