CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau is part of a global group that has been operating on the market for more than 30 years. It is the organizer of Slovak credit registers – the Joint Register of Bank Information and the Client Information Non-Bank Register (CINBR).

CRIF operates the Cribis application, which contains information on 10 million business entities and natural persons from the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic based on the basis of 90 information sources. An optional module of the Cribis application is also the international service SkyMinder, which enables the verification of 200 million companies from 230 countries and territories of the world.

The company offers comprehensive solutions for credit risk management and, under the iRating brand, advanced tools for evaluating the economic status of companies and municipalities. The CRIF Credit Solutions Division helps banks, financial institutions, utilities and telco operators address credit risk challenges, from strategies to concrete implementation solutions. It offers an innovative combination of management consulting services, the development of predictive mathematical models and the supply of its own software solution for the management of the entire life cycle of the loaned customer.


CRIF.Digital products will facilitate innovative processes, accelerate digital transformation, improve the online customer experience and give new impetus to business growth. With the help of the most modern information technologies, the availability of structured data sources and the opportunities given by the new legislation, they make operational activities more efficient and find new business routes.

Let us accelerate the digital transformation together


PhyOn - Phygital onboarding

The platform designed for unambiguous and secure identification of new customers acquired online is based on secure CRIF and partner technologies, combining verification of the client's digital identity and physical presence. This approach can be called Phygital for short. PhyOn enables the rapid deployment of a new digital process, but also the optimisation of current processes. Clients can apply methods using ID document analysis (OCR, AntiFraud) supplemented by physical presence verification using FaceBiometric techniques.

The PhyOn platform also offers support for digital onboarding methods. PhyOn is, thanks to the modularity of its components and the possibility of connecting to a whole range of CRIF data services in the field of Business Information and AML, a suitable solution even in situations where the client needs to take advantage of remote authorised onboarding of their corporate customers. PhyOn, including IdentityHUB, specifically created for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, is in test mode with examples of the corresponding demo process.

We expect full production deployment for the first customers in the near future. Together with other partners, a pilot demo environment for SME digital onboarding is already available.


N.E.O.S. - New evaluation open suite

NEOS is an open banking solution that processes key performance indicators (KPIs) and user scoring models, thus providing additional data for real-time consumer and corporate credit rating. It includes own data analysis of banking transactions including a series of KPI attributes for evaluating and segmenting service applicants. NEOS successfully uses proven artificial intelligence tools to improve outputs, especially in the area of ​​transaction categorisation. The solution aims to improve creditworthiness assessment and take advantage of the opportunity to develop relationships within the credit or verification process (digital or non-digital) through the sophisticated use of PSD2 data.

NEOS implementation projects can include, in addition to analytical and statistical components, technical or process connectivity to individual banking PSD2 API interfaces. Thanks to the international presence of the CRIF offer and its own AISP licence and PISP licence with passportization to 31 European countries including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, NEOS allows its customers access to Slovak and Czech banking institutions, as well as hundreds of interfaces of most banks operating within the EU.


Lending journey

A native cloud solution based on an API interface accelerates the entire process of offering financial products through own or assistance digital channels with a pre-set customer path for individuals and SME companies. It integrates into one platform all important data, insights and functions offered by CRIF or third parties, such as Digital Onboarding, KYC/KYB, Open Banking or credit rating by artificial intelligence. It thus unifies all digital functions necessary for the client's decision to purchase a product, client onboarding, their automatic credit rating using internal, external data or data from open banking, for potential fraud checks or digital signing of contracts, which enables a seamless transition to self-service or assisted remote cooperation processes. In addition, the openness of the CRIF Lending Journey platform facilitates the collaboration of all stakeholders, which streamlines the process and simplifies integration into the IT architecture.



The evaluation system built on the Open Banking concept provides a comprehensive overview of the customer base based on transaction data. It uses the technology of its own categorisation algorithm based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which turns unstructured data into clear structured reports. It is designed to produce an overview of your customer base using account and credit card transaction data. The solution automates the categorisation of transaction and consent data for the calculation and monitoring of KPIs based on standard models or own customised models. CATCH takes advantage of CRIF’s extensive experience in Open Banking. There are more than 270 KPI types available in the system.


Personal / Business financial managment

Personal and Business Financial Management digital solutions designed to help clients control their finances, plan future purchases and make informed decisions. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of past expenses, a forecast of development and timely notifications, users get a detailed financial overview, which helps them with overall savings. Thanks to seamless integration with any online and basic banking systems, clients get a 360-degree view of their entire financial world, including external accounts, in one convenient place.