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  • Risk reduction and fewer headaches with our No Blocker Policy

Leapfrog competition and propel your ideas from concepts to tangible realities!

Bringing visions to life for:

Pioneering Payment with Mobile Apps

  • The first payment app in Europe – offering NFC payments ahead of its time
  • Pay with your phone before Google Pay and Apple Pay were available.
  • Over 100 K users.
  • Processing more than 24 million Euros in transactions annually.

Revolutionizing Mobile Banking

  • Immersive digital experience and frictionless flows
  • Wearables support – simplifying payment as much as possible
  • Multibanking – manage accounts from different banks
  • Personal finance management, income and spending overview, saving goals, transaction categorization
  • Over 100 K users, 4+ rating in App store & Google Play

Simplifying Mobile Payment Acceptance

Payment is the moment of truth in shopping. You can have the brand, the appeal, the inventory, but at the end of the day, payment is when you convert the transaction.”


  • Seamless payment acceptance in mobile apps.
  • Helping PagoNxt (Santander) to increase conversion rates, optimize checkout, and enhance security.
  • Supporting the most popular payment methods, cards, wallets, BNPL, local APMs, and many more.

Exploring the Blockchain frontier

The first production ready system for NFT invoice creation and payment


  • First ever NFT invoice created (minted)
  • Payment received
  • NFT invoices and transactions can be viewed on any marketplace, e.g. Opensea

The Axelgate Advantage: No Blocker Guarantee

The speed of development is profound. Companies built around the idea of speed and innovation are domiating the market.”

“The measure of our society is results. Every idea is about implementation.”

Our goal is to help you innovate fast by ensuring that our part of the work is done as effectively as possible.

That’s why we proudly present the industry’s first No Blocker Policy (NBP).

Our commitment is simple: If a blocker emerges on our side, you won’t pay for the resolution. No exceptions, no fine print – just seamless progress.

Empowering Speed and Innovation

Axelgate’s No Blocker Policy identifies, escalates, and eliminates blockers and their root causes swiftly. This policy not only enhances transparency and accelerates processes, but also supercharges your delivery times, streamlines workflows, and reduces your headaches.


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