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Services in the field of security, data protection and GDPR

Highly professional and individualized advice in the field of security, data
protection and GDPR. Dont underestimate your safety, its not worth the risk.

Specialized security projects for FinTech

Complete security setting for a crowdfunding platform, security analysis for investment companies, for lenders, development of security policies in the field of information security for a telecommunications company, complex setting of security policies in clouds, various applications and information systems on which the business models of individual companies are based.


When developing security documentation for the protection of personal data, we work with unique aspects of projects and companies. Therefore, each documentation is unique and adapted to the clients needs. The pro-client and friendly approach of our professional team is used by hundreds of
our clients even within the framework of the assignment of an external responsible person, through whom our employees ensure that the personal data with which the companies work is as safe as possible.


We help companies to implement security and protection elements in their companies as part of the digitization and automation of their internal processes. Thanks to this, we protect key company information, data and data from cyber threats, attacks and data leaks. If possible, we use currently
available grant financing options, thanks to which you can easily invest hundreds to thousands of euros in security.