It’s all in the dataOndřej Knot, Dateio CEO & Co-founder

Dateio was founded in 2013 and to this day, the founders still believe that data is the holy grail and that the future belongs to digital. The analysis of transaction data and their usage for product innovation is the foundation for a successful retail business.

Dateio offers two products, MAG.IC by Dateio and TapiX by Dateio

Card-linked Marketing PlatformMAG.IC by Dateio is a card-linked marketing platform. that connects retailer offers with end consumers through the mobile banking app of the participating bank.

Consumers find offers in the mobile banking app. They just need to activatae an offer and make a purchase. The award is credited automatically to their bank account

Banks are able to increase client’s engagement with the mobile banking application and stimulate the use of payments cards.

Retailers are able to precisely target new customers, increase the frequency of purchase and the overall market sharae.

We cooperate with over 300 retail partners such as:Albert, Globus, Adidas, Leifheit, Karcher,, Yves Rocher, Alza, Datart and others.

Gifts + Vouchers

The partners can use different mechanics to attract new customers and engage existing ones.

1-Tap Loyalty

MAG.IC by Dateio is currently
implemented with 11 banks in 4 countries

MAG.IC by Dateio is currently implemented with 11 banks in 4 countries

Partnered banking institutions:

🇨🇿 UniCredit Bank, Česká spořitelna, Air Bank

🇸🇰, poštová banka, Slovenská sporiteľňa, Tatra banka, UniCredit Bank

🇷🇴 Banca Comercială Română, UniCredit Bank Romania

🇭🇺 Erste Bank Hungary

Payment Data Enrichment APIDateio’s API-based service that enriches payment data in real time and returns precise information about transaction identification.

Benefits of Enriched Payment Data

Intuitive user-interface
with a modern design for exciting
internet /mobile banking use cases

Reduced operating costs
and increased efficiency of data enrichment with no need of maintenance from internal team

Advanced data analytics
to know your clients, personalisation, segmentation and risk models improvement

Personal Finance Management
giving your clients control over their finances

TapiX offers accurate merchant name, logo, GPS, categorization, subscription
recognition, URL, Google Place ID, sustainability tags and CO2 footprint

580 million transactions enriched monthly, covering Europe,
MENA & US region with less than 1 complaint per 6 million transactions.

Partnered financial institutions:

Banks: Erste group, Raiffeisen Bank, Unicredit Bank, Arab Bank, Air Bank, EquaBank, Tatra banka

FinTechs: W1tty, 365, Twisto, YAP, bunq, Bitpanda

Business banking: Fidoo, Anna Money