Invest with ease and grow your savings with Portu

Portu is an online investment platform that can help grow your money by making investing easy. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. Invest in portfolios consisting of equity and bond ETFs from around the world or create your own strategy.

Why to invest with Portu?

Portu quickly became the number one investing platform on the Czech market. Our services are now available also in Slovakia. More than 118,000 users are already investing with us and we have more than 310 million euros under management.

We are always here to help you

Do you need any assistance? Write to us or give us a call, we are always happy to help. We respond to the chat within an average of 15 seconds.

We said NO to unnecessary fees

Everyone invests on the same terms. You only pay one low fee for the portfolio management. You don’t have to worry about any entry, exit or other fees.

Invest safely

Our activities are overseen by the Czech National Bank and. In addition, we rely on the strong background of the WOOD & Company investment group. With Portu, all purchased investments are owned directly by you.

Tailor-made portfolio

Based on the investment questionnaire, we tailor the portfolio to you so that it is in line with your relationship to risk and at the same time meets your investment goal as best as possible. This will give you a globally diversified portfolio that will benefit from the growth of the entire market.

Thanks to a wide range of ETF tools, more advanced investors can compile a portfolio according to their own ideas. In Portu you can find the most advantageous children’s investment account on the market with a fee of only 0.25% per year.

What investment services does Portu offer?

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